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IRB Launches E-107D Service: Submit 2% Tax Form on Commission Payment

Introduction of the e-107D Online Service by IRB

The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has introduced an innovative online service, known as e-107D. This service aims to streamline the submission of the two percent tax deduction form for commission payments.

Features of the e-107D Service

Launched on June 8, the e-107D service allows taxpayers to submit Form CP107(D) electronically. Users can provide details of both the payer and payee of Section 107(D) commission, download the CP107(D) attachment, upload the completed form, and generate a bill number required for tax payment.

Facilitating Tax Payment with ByrHASiL

The bill number generated through the e-107D service can be used for tax payment via the ByrHASiL service. Payments can be made through the ByrHASiL link on the official IRB portal or through FPX. The bill number or Tax Identification Number (TIN) can also be used for payment at the IRB Receipt Management Centre counter.

Accessing the e-107D Service through MyTax

The e-107D service is accessible through the MyTax application. Users need to log in and select the role of Director or Director’s representative to use the service.

Support and Guidance for Taxpayers

For further assistance, taxpayers can refer to the e-107D usage procedure available in the MyTax User Guide section. Any questions, feedback, or inquiries can be directed to the Hasil Care Line or via HASiL Live Chat. The IRB is committed to providing efficient support to ensure a seamless experience for taxpayers.

Source: News Straits Times