Case Study: DIY Accounting and Bookkeeping

The Challenge

DIY Accounting and BookkeepingClient C, like many small businesses, initially handled their own DIY accounting and bookkeeping. They sought information from the internet and even tried cloud-based accounting, hoping it would automate the process. However, they encountered several issues and were unsure how to correct or proceed further. The cost of employing a professional seemed prohibitive, and hiring a part-timer felt risky due to the confidential nature of the information involved.

Their DIY approach led to incorrect tax submissions and some missed filings, which became problematic when they received a random check from the tax department.

The Solution

Client C discovered Webnacc via the internet and took advantage of our free consultation. During this session, we were able to pinpoint many issues in their accounting and bookkeeping records and processes. We highlighted how we could help them correct and improve these areas.

Impressed by our expertise and approach, Client C tasked us with handling all their invoices and payment management, essentially their entire accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

We also digitized the majority of their bookkeeping processes, which they had initially conducted manually. This significantly enhanced their cash flow control as they could generate comprehensive reports and accurately identify the sources of their losses and profits.

The Outcome

By outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping to Webnacc, Client C was able to focus on their core business without worrying about the intricacies of Malaysia’s accounting and bookkeeping practices. They found that while handling their own accounting and bookkeeping might trim costs, the peace of mind and accuracy provided by a professional service like Webnacc is invaluable.


If you’re facing issues with your accounting and bookkeeping, talk to us at Webnacc. We’ll resolve your problems in no time, just like we did for Client C. Remember, working with a reliable and affordable professional can save you more than just money—it can save you from potential headaches down the line.

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