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Case Study: Higher Taxes Than Necessary

The Challenge

Higher Taxes Than NecessaryClient A, a thriving business, was struggling with their accounting and bookkeeping. They had previously hired freelancers and part-timers to manage their accounts, but this approach was fraught with problems. The freelancers were often unresponsive or late in their work delivery, and they did not offer any advice or consultation. This led to numerous issues, including inaccurate data entries, amount discrepancies, and numbers that didn’t tally.

The consequences were severe. Year after year, Client A faced problems such as incorrect tax submissions, which even led to them having to pay higher taxes than necessary due to discrepancies in their numbers and submissions.

The Solution

Client A turned to Webnacc for help. We were able to quickly identify the issues in their accounts and pinpoint the mistakes made by their previous freelancers and part-timers. We provided them with the necessary advice and consultation, and corrected and improved all their accounts and bookkeeping accordingly.

The Result

Today, Client A has proper accounts, with proper accounting and bookkeeping processes and procedures in place. We at Webnacc are helping them take care of everything needed on the accounting and bookkeeping side. They can now rest assured that there will be no issues and they can focus on their business without worrying about it.


Client A initially thought that working with a professional bookkeeper would be difficult and that their services would be too expensive to sustain. This is true to a certain extent for smaller businesses, but that does not have to be the case with us at Webnacc.

If you, like Client A, are facing issues with your accounting and bookkeeping, talk to us. We will resolve it for you in no time.

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