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Case Study: Accounting and Bookkeeping for a New Startup

The Challenge

Accounting and Bookkeeping for a New StartupClient D, a new startup, initially hired a part-time accounting staff to handle all their accounting and bookkeeping needs. At first, everything seemed to be in order. However, as Client D began to delve into their cash flow, they noticed discrepancies. The numbers didn’t add up, the double entries were off, and their accounts were in disarray.

Despite Client D’s requests for the part-timer to rectify and improve the accounts, the issues persisted. As tax submission time approached, Client D was left in a state of worry and confusion, unsure of how to proceed and fearful of potential mistakes in their submission. The part-timer, who had been of little help, stopped responding when their assistance was needed the most, and eventually disappeared altogether. This left Client D in a dilemma, unsure of how to proceed or where to start.

The Solution

Client D was referred to Webnacc by one of our clients. During the consultation, we were able to immediately pinpoint the issues and propose solutions. We took over the task of correcting and improving all of Client D’s accounting and bookkeeping, making the necessary corrections and adjustments for tax submission and more. Since then, there have been no more issues, and Client D has been worry-free before, during, and after tax submission time.

The Outcome

Over the years, Client D has developed so much confidence in us that they have become our ambassador, promoting our business to their associates and clients.

Accounting and bookkeeping for startups may seem like tasks that can be easily handled by a part-timer, but they are very important foundations of any business and need to be properly accounted for right from the beginning. Otherwise, issues may arise over time that can affect your business progress and investor confidence.


Startup or not, should you encounter any difficulties with your accounting and bookkeeping, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Webnacc. We’re committed to swiftly addressing your concerns, much like we did for Client D. Keep in mind, partnering with a trustworthy and cost-effective professional does more than just save money—it also spares you future troubles.

If you have issues with your accounting and bookkeeping, talk to us at Webnacc. We will resolve it for you in no time.

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