Managing Supplier Transactions and Office Expenses

Managing Supplier Transactions and Office ExpensesWelcome to a world where managing supplier transactions and office expenses is no longer a hassle. where we simplify the complexities of managing supplier transactions and office expenses.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that handle everything from preparing purchase orders to making payments for office expenses.

Explore how our services can streamline your operations and elevate your financial management experience.

Preparing Purchase Order to Supplier

A Purchase Order (PO) is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a supplier, indicating the type, quantity, and agreed prices for products or services. It serves as an offer to buy products or services. Here are the steps to prepare a PO:

Identify the products or services you need.

Choose a supplier and get a quote.

Create a PO including the description, quantity, and price of the products or services.

Send the PO to the supplier.

Entering Goods Received Note in System

A Goods Received Note (GRN) is a record of goods received from a supplier. It’s used to check against invoices before making payment. Here’s how to enter a GRN in the system:

Check the goods delivered against the PO.

Record the details of the goods received in the GRN.

Enter the GRN in the system.

Preparing Goods Return to Supplier

If the goods received are damaged or incorrect, they may need to be returned to the supplier. Here’s how to prepare a goods return:

Identify the goods to be returned.

Prepare a return note detailing the reason for return.

Send the goods and the return note back to the supplier.

Preparing Payment to Supplier

Once the goods have been received and checked, payment can be made to the supplier. Here’s how to prepare a payment:

Check the supplier’s invoice against the GRN.

Prepare a payment for the amount on the invoice.

Send the payment to the supplier.

Casting & Calculating Expense Claim

Expense claims involve reimbursing employees for expenses they’ve incurred while doing their jobs. Here’s how to cast and calculate an expense claim:

Gather receipts and other proof of the expenses.

Enter the details of each expense into the system.

Calculate the total amount to be claimed.

Submit the claim for approval.

Submitting & Making Payment to EPF, Socso & PCB

EPF (Employee Provident Fund), Socso (Social Security Organization), and PCB (Monthly Tax Deduction) are mandatory contributions in Malaysia. Here’s how to submit and make these payments:

Calculate the contribution amount for each employee.

Prepare the necessary forms and documents.

Submit the forms and make the payment to the respective bodies.

Making Payment for All Office Expenses

Office expenses include rent, utilities, stationery, etc. Here’s how to make these payments:

Gather all the bills and invoices for the office expenses.

Check the amounts and prepare payments.

Make the payments before the due dates.

We Can Manage The Supplier Transactions and Office Expenses For You

We can effectively manage your supplier transactions and office expenses. Remember, keeping accurate records is key to successful financial management.

Experience efficiency and time-saving like never before with Webnacc’s affordable services for managing supplier transactions and office expenses.

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