Sales and Service Tax (SST)

Introduction to SST

Sales and Service Tax (SST) is a tax levied on the consumption of goods and services in Malaysia. As a business, understanding and complying with SST regulations can be complex and time-consuming. That’s where we comes in. We provide a comprehensive range of SST services to help businesses navigate the SST landscape with ease.

Our SST Services includ the following:

SST Registration
We assist businesses in registering for SST, ensuring that all necessary documentation and procedures are correctly completed.
SST Consultation
Our team of experts provides consultation on all aspects of SST, including audit, accounting, and tax. We help businesses understand their obligations and strategize for optimal tax planning.
SST Calculation
We help businesses accurately calculate their SST liabilities, taking into account all relevant regulations and exemptions.
SST Return Form Preparation and Submission
We prepare and submit SST return forms on behalf of businesses, ensuring timely compliance and minimizing the risk of penalties.
Review of SST Computation and Returns
Our team reviews SST computations and returns for every taxable period, identifying any discrepancies and rectifying them promptly.
Dealing with Customs
We liaise with Customs on any service tax issues on behalf of the taxpayer, including service tax audits. Our expertise and experience in dealing with Customs can help businesses resolve issues efficiently.

Key Questions about SST

Sales and Service Tax (SST)Below are some of the most common questions businesses often have about SST. At Webnacc, we provide clear and concise answers to these questions, helping businesses understand their SST obligations.

  • What is SST? Can you explain what SST is?
    • SST, or Sales and Service Tax, is a consumption tax imposed on certain goods and services in Malaysia.
  • Does your business need to register for SST?

    • If your business is in the manufacturing or service sector and meets certain criteria, it is required to register for SST.
  • What are the compliance requirements for SST?

    • Businesses must calculate and collect the correct amount of SST, maintain proper records, and submit SST returns in a timely manner.
  • What is your taxable period?

    • A ‘taxable period’ refers to the specific period (usually a month or three months) for which SST is calculated and reported.
  • If your customer hasn’t settled the SST invoices, are you still required to pay the SST to customs?

    • Businesses are required to pay the SST to customs regardless of whether the customer has paid the SST invoices.

Our Solutions

Webnacc can help taxpayers with all the above issues. We are also able to assist you on SST-related accounting, audit, and tax issues. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call or email us. Our team is ready to assist you in navigating the SST landscape with confidence and ease.

At Webnacc, we believe in making SST compliance simple and stress-free for businesses.

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